Why am I in Environmental Humanities?

by Åsa Callmer

I am here because change is needed.

Because we’re running out of time.

Because I don’t believe that technological solutions alone can solve this for us.

I am here in search of other solutions.

I am in this because I believe that what is needed is to change the system.

And to change the system is, I believe, a process of changing the humans within it. To change the way we look at the world around us. To change how we look at ourselves and our actions, at our own place on Earth, and at the human and non-human others who are sharing this planet with us. To ask questions: How do we value each other? What is it that matter in our lives and how is that mattering manifested in our actions, and in the society?

I am here because I believe that the values of today need to transform into something else. If we want to reach a tomorrow where we do not damage the very nature we depend on for our survivalAnkare, then we will need ethics, values, political and economic systems and actions fit for that tomorrow.

I am in this to remind myself that it is not enough to change what we value: we must also change our actions.

I am in this because I’m afraid.

I’m afraid of what we humans do to each other and I’m afraid of all that we destroy. That we will continue on this road to destruction until the only thing that remains to destroy are ourselves.

I am here because I think there is more to us than that. There must be other forks in the road.

I am here because I believe that environmental humanities matter in this process of change. Because my fellow humans matter. Because my fellow non-humans matter. And the humanities have done it before in the human history: helped to change the way we look at and make sense of ourselves and our surroundings.

Now, I don’t think the Seed box will change the world – but we will do our best to tell other stories. We will rethink and reimagine the world around us. We will try to shed light and tilt the perspectives a little bit. Perhaps a lot.

I am here because I believe in changing and that part of the change lies in our ability to never stop trying. I am here because I need to shape up.

I am here expressing a wish that it’s not too late. That there still is care enough out there to save us. And with “out there” I mean among us.

We all need to shape up.


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